Thanks and Giving!

Busy and used to being on the go I did NOT see myself buying a tablecloth and apron. Purchasing a tablecloth was pretty huge for me! Don’t get it twisted; I can cook but usually at my discretion and for just me (side-eye). Now, I have a family and forever hungry kids to feed. That said, I was excited about Thanksgiving this year and did a hell of a job hyping them up as well. We shopped together, bought decor, listened to music and journaled about what we are thankful for. … More Thanks and Giving!


“Wait, have you considered taking something?”

“Something like what? Pills? Nah, never thought about it. I’m not crazy. Don’t do meds and not trying to get addicted, or have my brain all twisted with side effects.”

“But, you’re obviously depressed.” 

My stark reality slapped me, stinging my face a little as I hung up the phone.

Reluctant to admit her making sense, I thought of all the traits that make Black Girls Rock and Black Girls Magic. I evaluated what it really meant to be a strong Black woman. … More Zoloft


He was born September 9th, 1981. A too cool for school, light hearted, goofy and precocious kid, hit the scenes dancing to MJ’s Wanna be Startin’ Somethin’. By the time I arrived we were grooving to Thriller – true 80s babies, three years apart, kissing cousins and partners. We were best-friends! … More Blindsided