a defender, protector, or keeper.


a sister acting as a parental guardian while caring for younger siblings like a mother.

Just when I thought I had my life planned out!

Hi! My name is Rahkal Shelton and I am a SistaMOM. This is a blog about my sudden journey in motherhood. Venture with me through the highs, lows, growths, laughs, and rewards of this new role.


This is my safe space to decompress. So, it will get REAL here. I’m a real, real person.

Two months ago: I went from single ambitious career woman to an instant single mother of two.

Challenging all that I stand for… I made a very brave and bold decision to step up where I was needed most. I’m still wrapping my mind, heart, and emotions around all of this. Nervous but excited and committed to being here for the long haul.

At times, I can’t believe this script of a life that God chose me to act out. Idk what the future holds but I’m here for the show. Cheers to a very RErouted and unimaginable 2017.

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