a defender, protector, or keeper.

an African-American woman.

an informal word for mother


a sister acting as parental guardian – caring for younger siblings like a mother.

Greetings beautiful people, my name is Rahkal Shelton, and I am a SistaMom. This is my blog. It journeys my arrival to motherhood, the highs and lows of it, my growth and everything in between. Earlier 2017, I went from single ambitious career woman to an instant mother of two.

Challenging everything I stood for I made a courageous and bold decision to take in my younger half-siblings. Every day brings its unique set of challenges. And, every day, I am still wrapping my mind, heart, and emotions around my decision while doing the best that I can.

I honestly can’t believe this script of a life that God chose me to star in. I don’t know what the future holds for us, but I do know commitment. Cheers to a very RErouted and unimaginable 2017.

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